"The Art of Portrait Retouching"


Photoshop Retouching


"LAST SUNDAY" of Every Month - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Taking a good picture is not enough anymore. If you want to set your photography apart, you'll need to show to your clients that you know how to retouch your images like a PRO!!!

Photoshop Retouching

For long time I'd believed my pictures were pretty good, but there was something missing. I knew how to use photoshop, but most of the time I was doing just some basic stuff.

One day I came to a workshop were the instructor and the photographers (including myself) were taking pictures of a beautiful model. After a while, the instructor uploaded his images to his computer to start retouching them.

When he opened his image on the computer I was proud of myself, because I thought my image was a lot better than his. Then, he started working on his image using some photoshop techniques and actions.

At the end I couldn't believe how amazing his "final image" was.

That is what I want for you... To take your Photography to the next level!

Photoshop Retouching

This is a 2 hours "INTENSIVE" hands-on class created to help amateurs, enthusiasts and semi-professionals understanding better how to use Photoshop and take their images to the next level.

Photoshop Retouching

"On this class I will share all the secrets of my Award-Winning Portrait Retouching Techniques. I will share one of my portrait pictures with all the students (so everyone can work on the same picture) and I will start from scratch, step by step how I do my Portrait Retouching. In each step, I will show you not only what to do, but also what tool you should use and how to do it. Then, I will check if each one of the students did it right (only then, we would move to the next step)."

Photoshop Retouching

“There is no other Class or Workshop like this one”

  • WHAT: A step-by-step workshop on editing, retouching and creating amazing images using Photoshop.
  • WHO: International Award-Winning Photographer and
    PPGF Photographer of the year - *** PAULO JORDAO ***
  • WHEN: "Last Sunday" of Every Month - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • WHERE: Paulo's Home-Studio - Plantation, FL
  • WHAT TO BRING: Laptop (with photoshop instaled - FREE TRIAL DOWLOAD), pictures to practice, paper and pen (to take notes), etc.

Your head is going to spin with so much information
you're learning in just 2 hours with Paulo Jordao.

No matter what level or degree of photography and retouchig you have, this is a great opportunity to improve your skills, meet other great Photographers and have some fun time doing what you love.

TERMS: Our Retoucing classes are always on the last Sunday of the month (2:00pm - 4:00pm) here in Fort Lauderdale area (Florida). You can contact us (email or phone) to schedule your class (maximum of 20 students per class) and you can use the "Pay Now" button to pay for your class. Before you pay, be sure that you are available on the Sunday you're planning on making your reservation - from: 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Unfortunately because of the nature of this event, the policy for refund is; "non-refundable fee" - No money will be refunded!

There is a $55 fee to re-schedule your class.

I can't wait to share some good time with you.

Paulo Jordao
Paulo Jordao

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